Healthy Pecan Pie

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Looking for a guilt-free dessert option? Our Healthy Pecan Pie offers a perfect balance of a nutty, sweet filling nestled in a wholesome pastry shell!

This recipe effortlessly combines a rich, nutty filling with a nourishing pastry, striking the perfect balance between health-conscious choices and irresistible flavours.

For the pastry:

What You'll Need:

- ½ cup of tapioca flour

½ cup of buckwheat flour

90g of moderately soft butter

1 punch of Celtic salt 

2 tbsp iced water

How To Prepare:

Sift flour and salt

Cut butter up into squares/chunks and rub into the mixture

Gather into a ball and pound mixture together until it forms a dough

Refrigerate for at-least ten minutes to set the dough

Roll and place into a die dish (20cm/9 inches)

For the filling:

What You'll Need:

3 eggs

2/3 cup of coconut sugar

Pinch of Celtic salt

75g butter (Grass fed & finished/organic where possible)

1 cup of pure maple syrup

125g pecan halves (we like to use organic activated nuts where possible)

How To Prepare:

Whisk the eggs together, gradually adding in the sugar, maple syrup and salt with melted butter.

Add pecans, blend together well and pour into a pastry shell.

Bake in a moderately hot oven (180 degrees works well for most) for 15-minutes.

Reduce to a moderate heat (160 degrees works well) for a further 30-35 minutes or until nicely browned on top and set.

Serve either cool or warm and enjoy with family!

We enjoy serving with Coyo coconut vanilla custard or Coyo coconut ice cream in the “vanilla flavour” for our favourite dairy free alternatives.

Have a health-related recipe in mind that you'd love us to create?  Share your ideas by sending us a DM here. We're all ears for your culinary inspirations!

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