Feel supported throughout your entire preconception, pregnancy and postpartum journey

Here at Mungbean Health, we support women to take charge of their own health, we educate them on their hormones while using herbal medicine, specific nutrients and lifestyle changes to re-balance their hormones and re-gain their own wellness

what we do

Mungbean Health provides personalised Naturopathic care helping women to balance their hormones and optimise their fertility and wellbeing. We know that sometimes all it takes is some re-balancing of hormones and optimising of nutrients to have a healthy pregnancy. Our team of Naturopaths specialise in Women’s Health and fertility, helping to guide women throughout their preconception, pregnancy, and postnatal journey. We also support a lot of mums with babies and children, providing help with sleep, tummy issues, food intolerances, eczema, and mood disorders.

meet the founder

Riannon is the founder of Mungbean Health.

She is a mother of two and has a deep goal of helping other women to experience the beauty of motherhood.

She started working in a healthfood store when she was 15 years old and saw the positive effects that natural health had on peoples lives. This is when she knew she wanted to be a Naturopath. 

She started Mungbean Health on her own and has gained many beautiful and talented Naturopath along the way, some who you see in clinic and others supporting you via our dispensary. Mungbean is currently a team of 9 and ever growing.

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