Morning Overnight Oats - The Perfect Breakfast for Summer!

Posted by Riannon Page on

Rise and shine with our Morning Overnight Oats, the ultimate summer breakfast solution! 

This is the perfect breakfast for those too busy for breakfast in the morning! Takes less than 5 minutes to prep the night before, and can be enjoyed on the go in the morning! It also includes everything you need for a balanced breakfast nutritionally supporting you and your energy throughout the day. 

Oat ingredients

½ cup organic oats (opt for gluten-free if needed) 

1 Tbsp Hemp seeds

1 Tbsp chia seeds

1 serve of protein powder of choice 

1 tsp cinnamon powder 

Top with coconut milk - approximately 1 cup 

Morning Toppings 

1 Tbsp coconut/ natural yoghurt 

½ cup fresh/frozen berries 

1 Tbsp nut butter of your choice 

Dash cinnamon 

How to Prepare:

  1. Add all “oat ingredients” to a jar and stir well. You might need to shake to ensure that your protein powder is mixed well 
  2. Add to the fridge overnight 
  3. In the morning give another stir and add your toppings to either the jar itself or a bowl. 
  4. Enjoy!

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