Our Favourite Smoothie Bowl with Foraged for You!

Posted by Riannon Page on

With Summer in full swing, we have been craving refreshing, delicious smoothie bowls! This is our go-to recipe which I am loving adding the Foraged for You Mother’s Blend.  

This jar of goodness was developed specifically for pregnant and breastfeeding mammas & has been nourishing me while I breastfeed. It is packed full of certified organic fermented foods and grass-fed beef liver powder, providing you with a healthy dose of iodine, zinc, folate, Vitamin A & B12, making it the perfect addition to your diet!

All you need for this delicious smoothie bowl is:

• 1 serve Foraged for You 
• 2 cups of mixed berries
• 1 soft banana
• 1/4 cup gluten free oats
• 3/4 cup nut milk
• 1 tsp peanut butter
• Frozen blueberries to top
• Coconut flakes to top
• Pomegranate to top
• Chia, flax, and hemp seed to top

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