The Importance of Preconception Care

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The most incredible experience in a women’s life is pregnancy and the gift of being able to birth a human into this world is such a sacred experience that should be nurtured and be something to look forward to and enjoy. However, we were never really taught how the impact of our diet, lifestyle, etc, can impact women’s fertility and the different stages of our cycle should be honoured, not dreaded as its natural for our hormones to change, but we should be thriving!

From fertility to pregnancy its should an exciting journey and as women we should celebrate our cycles, nurture ourselves, slow down and try to avoid taking any quick fixes, because our bodies are always trying to communicate to us, and we should always listen. If we nurture our bodies with the correct foods, manage stress then our bodies will be at an optimal state for preconception, and pregnancy.

From our monthly cycles to preconception to pregnancy to postpartum our bodies require different levels of vitamins and minerals, such as iron, b12, vitamin D, magnesium and essential fatty acids to support our hormones in many different ways! And every woman’s body is so different! Each women’s journey is not the same to the next, however, at Mungbean health we are passionate about helping our clients have the best journey throughout pregnancy and help women to feel amazing, heathy and empowered about their pregnancy journey.

When it comes to our monthly cycles our hormones are constantly fluctuating through our ovulation, follicular phase, and luteal phases and especially through our menstruation phase our bodies need higher levels of iron due to bleeding. So, if we can maximise our vitamin and nutrient intake daily through our diet and nutritional supplementation to increase levels of important vitamins and minerals where we need sufficient levels during pregnancy- the best way to achieve this is to maximise our levels pre-conception! This way if during pregnancy our levels drop slightly its not a major concern because our levels are at the correct amount. We can balance them quite easily through diet and supplementation! Women’s hormones are always needing to be in balance to make sure ovulation is happening monthly, our cycles are regular and experiencing menstruation without any abnormal symptoms. We want to get a beautiful cycle happening before conception and a healthy thriving body ready- and then we are set for a beautiful pregnancy and postpartum!

Within the first trimester of pregnancy a woman’s body goes through major changes as her baby grows! This is where her baby’s body systems are forming and because of these major changes and hormone changes, women should be able to enjoy and nurture this experience. We want to create an amazing experience not just for you but for your baby too! MANY factors go into preconception and pregnancy and at Mungbean health through analysing pathology, underlining symptoms, and fixing the root cause to help you feel assured that your fertility health is our number one priority.

We could go on forever about women’s health! This is this our passion, and we thrive on helping women in all stages from preconception, pregnancy and postpartum! If you are ready to start your preconception journey our naturopaths are here to help you achieve your best results!

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