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If you have been with us for a while, you would know we are biggest fans of the Foraged For You Mother’s and Children’s blends. They are without a doubt some of our most popular products which we often hear clients refer to as ‘the magic powder’. These beautiful blends of nourishing wholefoods help to perk up depleted mamma’s and nourish their little ones in the best possible way.

Benefits for Mamma’s

  • Perfect for preconception, pregnancy & postpartum/breastfeeding
  • Contains naturally occuring iron via the liver
  • Great for thyroid support
  • Known to support hair loss
  • Great for replenishment & energy 

Benefits for Kiddies

  • Immune support & to fight daycare germs
  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • A great source of iron for healthy growing kids
  • Vitamin C- in preparation for allergy season 

Start Ingredients in the Mother’s Blend

The star ingredient in this wonderful blend is the grass-fed beef liver. Beef liver is one of the most nutrient dense foods, often being referred to as ‘nature’s multivitamin’. It is rich in iron, folate, and vitamins A, D & K, all of which can assist women in their preconception, pregnancy and postpartum journeys. The combination of these minerals and nutrients help to naturally overcome iron deficiency, enhance energy and mental clarity, support skin, hair and nail health and promote optimal hormonal balance. You truly are getting almost everything you need in every sip!

This beautiful blend also contains kelp. Kelp is one of the most potent food sources of iodine. Iodine is such an important mineral and our needs increase throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. This superstar mineral is important for energy production, mental wellbeing and thyroid function. Supporting thyroid function is such an integral part of any preconception and pregnancy journey and can help improve fertility and promote a healthy pregnancy. Iodine can also help with hair growth, which is a bonus for those postpartum mamma’s struggling with hair loss.

The blend also contains fermented ingredients including chlorella, broccoli, lentils and spinach. Chlorella is considered a superfood because it is packed full of essential nutrients including iron which can be a valuable addition to a pregnant woman's diet. Chlorella and broccoli are both supportive of the body’s detoxification processes. The added fermented spinach and lentils are a great source of folate, again being a wonderful addition for those trying to conceive or pregnant. The blend also contains naturally occurring probiotics from the fermentation process. Probiotics support our immune system, mental health, skin and digestion.

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Start Ingredients in the Children’s Blend

On top of all the wonderful ingredients and benefits which the Mother’s blend provides, there are a few key additions that set the Children’s blend apart to optimise our little ones needs. The amount of Camu Camu has been upped in the Children’s blend as it such a great source of Vitamin C and other nutrients such as calcium, potassium and amino acids, making it such a wonderful powder to support little immune systems.

One of our all-time favourite herbs for the immune system has also been added to the Children’s blend. Elderberries are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that help enhance immune function and reduce the severity and duration of colds and flus.

Another one of our favourite herbs, chamomile was an addition to the Children’s blend. Chamomile is such a beautiful herb with calming properties for both the nervous system and the tummy. It can help reduce anxiety and improve sleep in children and can also help to soothe colic and teething discomfort.

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