Planning for a baby in 2024?

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Are you planning for a baby in 2024? 

With only three months left of the year, NOW is the perfect time to start your preconception care journey!  

We always recommend a minimum of three months for preconception care as it takes approximately 90 days for an egg to mature and be released during ovulation. For men, it takes approximately 74 days for sperm to mature. This gives us time to get the body, hormones and mind into the healthiest state for both partners involved. For those with known hormonal imbalances and health conditions, or have just come off the pill, we often recommend a longer period of time to prepare the body for better chances of a healthy conception. 

Manage your stress

The preconception period is a vital time to get on top of stress management. Our reproductive systems are smart and know in times of high stress, it is not safe to bring a baby into the world. Plus, fertility issues can already cause a considerable amount of stress for some people, which is counterproductive when trying to conceive. That is why it is so important to incorporate stress management techniques including gentle exercise such as walking, yoga or meditation and practice mindfulness. Hot baths with essential oils and epsom salts can also promote relaxation.

Focus on your diet 

Your diet can be one of the most powerful tools you can use in your preconception journey. Eating a well-balanced, whole-food diet is essential in order to provide the body with the required nutrients to support egg and sperm quality, balanced hormones and healthy conception. 

Here are our top 5 pantry staples to support your preconception journey : 

  1. Avocado: Source of monounsaturated fats, helping to support hormone production, egg quality and ovulation. 
  2. Wild Caught Sardines: Great source of omega 3 fatty acids, helping to produce hormones and boost egg quality plus sperm health. 
  3. Dulse Flakes: Rich source of iodine, vital for thyroid health, ovulation, and babies brain development. 
  4. Eggs: Great source of protein and choline, which is essential for healthy egg development.
  5. Grass-Fed Butter: Great source of healthy fats, vital for hormone production, conception and nervous system function. 

Limit your toxin exposure

There are certain chemicals in the home and workplace that can place pressure on the body's detoxification pathways and cause oxidative stress, which in turn can negatively impact sperm and egg health. 

To reduce your toxic load and exposure to synthetic chemicals that can affect your fertility, it is a great time to invest in the following: 

  • A good water filter. We love the Zazan water filter system. 
  • Glass or stainless steel food containers and drink bottles. 
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products (Eco Store, Koala Eco, Bositos, Earth Wise etc) 
  • Natural makeup and skin care products (Lust minerals, Eco by Sonya, Mukti Organics etc) 

Get your partner involved! 

Did you know sperm health has reached an all-time low, with statistics showing that the male sperm count has fallen more than 50% in the last 50 years! It is now more important than ever to prioritise the health of your partners sperm in your preconception care. Just like you, they should be doing everything they can to support healthy sperm production. See our blog for our top tips for men’s preconception care. Read Now

Book in with us! 

Visiting a Naturopath for preconception can help you optimise your health and fertility, and increase your chances of conceiving. Our Naturopaths will work with you to identify and address any underlying issues, whilst also provide symptom management throughout pregnancy and beyond to ensure you get the best outcomes for yourself and your baby. Book in today!

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