Uncovering the Root Cause of your Skin Issues

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Glowing skin, strong nails and healthy hair are the perfect trio. Our skin, hair and nails are also a reflection of our internal health, and as naturopaths we can identify any underlining health issues by examining these three.

Our skin is the largest organ in the human body and reflects what is going on internally, especially when it comes to conditions such as acne, eczema, psorasis and dry skin itself can also tell us our bodies are needing a little extra loving. While topical applications, such as herbal creams work amazing, we need to determine the underlining root cause to prevent any skin issues from reoccurring.

Uncovering the root cause of skin issues

Gut-Skin Axis

Our gut-skin axis is a vital part of healing and maintaining healthy skin. By supporting the gut-skin axis we can heal and identify any bacteria or imbalances within our gut that can be provoking skin breakouts. By healing the gut we are able to reduce any inflammation, maximise optimal nutrient absorption and eradicate and bugs that may be driving skin breakouts. If you are struggling with digestive issues and skin breakouts, it is essential you support and heal your gut!

Nutrient deficiencies

Just like our skin, our hair and nails can tell us if we are lacking certain vitamins, minerals, such as, biotin and silica. But most importantly our hair, skin and nails are all built on protein structures! So, if our body isn’t having enough protein or the vitamins and minerals to help build new protein structures then our bodies will take longer to support and produce healthy hair, skin, and nails!

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body. It plays a role in strengthening skin, as well as in elasticity and hydration. As you age, your body produces less collagen, leading to dry skin and the formation of wrinkles. It is one of our favourites when it comes to skin health and its backed by so much research!

Essential fatty acids (EFAs), especially omega 3’s are also vital for healthy skin. These fatty acids  play an important role in helping to keep skin looking hydrated, plump, and younger. Without getting adequate amounts of EFAs skin is more prone to dryness, inflammation, whiteheads, and blackheads.

Detoxification pathways

Our liver is the major detoxification organ responsible for flushing toxins from the body. What you drink, eat, and even the air you breathe, all get filtered through the liver. Your skin is a direct reflection of what is going on inside of your body. When the liver is congested and unable to break down toxins, your body makes every effort to purge these toxins through other ways, such as your pores. Skin breakouts and acne can be a sign that the skin has become a dumping ground for toxins that were unable to be eliminated via our detoxification pathways. As naturopaths, we work with our clients to support these detoxification pathways for healthy elimination and healthy skin.

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Hormonal imbalances

Hormones are chemical messengers that let our body know that we are experiencing a change. Eating large quantities of sugar or experiencing increased amount of stress can cause the hormones insulin and cortisol to be made in large quantities. For women, this increase in insulin and cortisol can eventually lead to elevations in testosterone and cause irregular menstrual cycles and cyclical breakouts. 

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If you are experiencing any signs or symptoms of unhealthy hair, skin, and nails, speak with one of our naturopaths today to determine the cause of these symptoms, and guide you towards your optimal health.

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