Placenta Encapsulation Postpartum: What It Is and Why It Matters

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As you navigate the final stages of your pregnancy & are getting ready to meet your beautiful new bubba, it's important not to forget about your health and recovery!

During the postpartum period, your body undergoes significant changes and needs time to heal and regain strength. It’s important to consider all options when it comes to supporting your recovery and well-being. We want to ensure you are feeling your best so that your beautiful little one can also soak up all the benefits.

Placenta encapsulation has become extremely popular due to the many health benefits it can offer postpartum.

These benefits include:

  • Improved energy levels
  • Improved physical recovery
  • Supporting hormonal health and mood regulation
  • Supporting milk supply
  • Increased iron intake

Placenta encapsulation needs to be done by a certified professional. Make sure you check in with the specialist in your area to find the best fit, your midwife would be a great place to start for some referrals!

The placenta needs to be collected soon after childbirth, so make sure your midwife and healthcare providers are aware of your arrangements to ensure proper handling and storage of the placenta. The encapsulation specialist will then clean, steam, dehydrate and grind the placenta into a fine powder and encapsulate it so it’s nice and easy to take!

It’s best to check in with your healthcare provider prior to taking the capsules to ensure there were no concerns through labor regarding the health of the placenta, especially if there are any pre-existing health concerns.

Make sure to continue with your pregnancy multi postpartum and check in on nutritional deficiencies with bloods in your postpartum check up!

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