Internal and External Factors of Skin Health: Part 2

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Internal and external factors of skin health - (External) 

When it comes to skin health it is essential to consider all internal factors and external contributors. In part one of this blog we discussed internal factors such as hormones, adrenal function, thyroid function, and detoxification pathways. Now we have covered that let's look at external factors like skin care, makeup products, diet and nutrition, lifestyle choice, and possibly your tap water, and look at tips for how you can reduce the risk of acne and other skin issues. 


For those with acne-prone skin, the skincare you use is critical. Using natural skincare products is suitable as they have gentle ingredients and no harsh chemicals. It is also shown that natural skin care products also help balance the natural oils in the skin, whereas other non-natural skin care products can strip them. They also are much more tolerated by individuals who have sensitive skin, which a lot of people with acne-prone skin will have. Our favorite natural skincare brand is Lust Minerals. This brand also has naturally formulated makeup products which we will discuss the importance of below. 

Make-up Products

If you are someone who struggles with acne you are most likely trying to cover it up with make-up and if you’re not using a natural make-up brand you may be making it worse.. We covered why the skin care products you use are important, and the same goes for your makeup! Whatever goes on the skin, is absorbed through the skin barrier and into the body to detoxify. So the same as your skincare, choosing natural makeup products is a must for acne-prone skin. Natural make-up products are also filled with much more gentler ingredients. A lot of natural makeup products are also very breathable which is good for acne-prone skin types as clogging of pores by makeup and leads to more irritated skin & breakouts. 

Diet & Nutrition

In the first part of the skin series blog, we touched on how dietary choices can support your hormones, adrenal, thyroid, and detoxification pathways that all influence the health of your skin. Certain nutritional deficiencies such as omega, vitamin A, zinc, vitamin D, or B vitamins can increase acne breakouts. The best way to ensure you are getting in a diverse range of nutrients is to prioritise eating an abundance of whole foods, including a diversity of plant foods, and animal proteins. Reducing inflammatory foods that have a direct association with acne breakouts such as processed sugars, saturated fats, and refined oils. 

Lifestyle Choices 

Lifestyle factors such as stress, sleep, exercise, and your environment can all impact the health of your skin. Stress and sleep can have a direct link to acne due to the increased level of cortisol which can stimulate oil production. Therefore it is important to focus on stress-reducting practices daily and prioritise good quality and a healthy quantity of rest. Engaging in regular exercise is also beneficial for our skin health as it helps our detoxification pathways, stress adaptation, as well as hormone health. Lastly, reducing your exposure to chemicals and endocrine disruptors is essential for skin health. Using natural cleaning products, self-care products (body wash, hair care, tans), as well as plastics. 

Tap Water

Lastly, as we have already discussed, anything that is applied to the skin can be absorbed through the skin. Tap water can contain chlorine, chemicals, and hard water minerals. Whilst this may not affect some, others who have sensitive skin & and acne-prone skin, or individuals who live in states of Australia that have harder water than others (such as Queensland, South Australia & some parts of Northern Territory)  might want to think about investing in filtered water taps in their bathrooms to reduce exposure of these contaminants. 


In case you missed the part one of this blog post series, click here.

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