3 Ways to Maximise nutrients in Preconception & Pregnancy

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We are helping our clients everyday maximise their nutrient stores from preconception through to pregnancy and postpartum. What we eat and how we nourish ourselves is now being recognised as one of the best ways to improve the chances of conception, a healthy pregnancy, and the future health of the baby. These are our top 3 ways to support women in their fertility journey.

Forged for you – The Mother’s Blend

We are so in love with the Foraged for you Mother’s blend. This is a perfect blend of carefully selected organic ingredients designed to nourish women throughout their pregnancy journey.

It contains one of the most nutrient dense foods available – grass-fed beef liver. The liver is packed full of so many nutrients that it is often referred to as ‘natures multivitamin’. Beef liver is particularly rich in iron, folate, and vitamins A, D & K, all of which can assist with a healthy pregnancy. The Mother’s Blend also contains some beautiful, fermented ingredients including broccoli, chlorella, beetroot and probiotics. 

It's important to note, eating liver during pregnancy can be controversial because of its Vitamin A content. However, all studies based on Vitamin A toxicity are based on synthetic forms in large amounts, rather than real wholefoods. It can also be challenging to exceed the recommended upper limits of vitamin A, so it is helpful to have a little understanding of this. One dose of the Mothers Blend delivers 630 µg/day, so it is well and truly within the safe limits. Plus, Vitamin A coming from a real food source like the Mother’s Blend is used in a completely different way by the body.

Organic Bone broth

Some call it bone broth, we call it liquid gold. Not only does it support our immunity and digestion, but it supports fertility in every aspect, from preconception to conception, pregnancy and postpartum. This is because it is loaded with all the amino acids and minerals our bodies need, as well as healthy fats, protein, and collagen.

When it comes to fertility, bone broth provides the body a healthy dose of amino acids and collagen that help to soothe and heal the gut. This ensures we are able to absorb the nutrients we are eating, so can be nourished from our food. Bone broth is also a great way to help to increase nutrient uptake which is incredibly important to prepare for a baby. For pregnant mummas, the collagen and gelatin help to build strong bones, tendons and connective tissue in both mum and baby. When it comes to postpartum, bone broth is a great way for building back energy after baby is born. The collagen component is also very beneficial for preventing stretch marks and speeding up postpartum recovery.

If you are too busy to make your own bone broth – we are big fans of the Best of the Bone brand!

Bioceuticals Ultra Clean DHA

Omega-3 fatty acids from high-quality fish oil or wild-caught fish (salmon, trout, herring) is a non-negotiable when it comes to pre-conception and pregnancy. Our favourite way to increase essential fatty acids is via high-quality, practitioner-only fish oil with a higher DHA component like the Bioceuticals Ultra Clean DHA.

Ensuring we are getting enough Omega 3’s in our diet during the preconception phase can help reduce inflammation, support hormone production, and improve both sperm and egg quality which in turn increases the likelihood of conception, a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Essential fatty acids are building blocks for your baby’s brain and eye development, and an omega-3 deficiency during pregnancy can have permanent effects on your child’s cognitive function. The stores of omega 3’s in new mothers can be quickly depleted during breastfeeding. Research has found omega 3 deficiency can be a contributing factor to post-natal depression.

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