Manuka Defence Syrup

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Nurture your wellness daily with this superior, tasty non-toxic formulation to help you be well, stay well & get well. Powered by nature, backed by science.

2022 Clean + Conscious Awards Finalist

Provides everyday health benefits your system requires to thrive!

  • Give you the superior natural defence you can trust
  • Provide you with an exceedingly rich source of everyday health benefits
  • Allow you to enjoy caring for yourself (I taste nice)
  • Support you in times of need
  • Allow for rapid absorption
Key ingredients: 
Directions for use:
  • Give me a good shake
  • Enjoy a generous spoonful once daily
  • Can be used more often in times of need
  • Half the serve for kids 2-12
  • Can be mixed with hot or cold drinks or added into smoothies

Always consult your health care practitioner before starting a new supplements to make sure it is safe for you.

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